marriott hotel perimeter center parkway

Marriott Perimeter Center is a corporate-owned resort/ conference facility located on Perimeter Center Parkway in DeKalb County, Georgia. Since its opening in the 70’s, its location has provided the hotel with a secluded atmosphere within Atlanta's very busy Perimeter business district. As part of the Perimeter Center Transportation improvement plan, Dekalb County plans to re-configure the hotel to significantly increase traffic flows. Marriott commissioned Street Smarts and jB+a to analyze the proposed roadway construction and provide a solution to mitigate its anticipated impact. The design team presented a comprehensive master plan that addresses several issues on the site including parking, circulation and general impact on the visual character of the site. jB+a provided conceptual design that buffers the hotel property from the new road alignment, enhances the proposed site access, and provides a garden design for outdoor events.

Marriott Hotel Perimeter Center Parkway
Conceptual Landscape Renovation Design
Atlanta, Georgia