cuscowilla club on lake oconee

Cuscowilla is a residential community being developed on Lake Oconee in Putnam County, Georgia. Early phase developement has included a restaurant on the lake, a golf course, golf villas, and other vacation cottages on the property. Future development will include villages that will integrate various levels of residential use mixed with commercial and offices. jB+a was invited to team with the development's primary landscape contractor to provide a landscape design-build service for the new golf club. jB+a provided layout of all the site's driveways, walks and terraces and concepts for landscape plantings. The landscape, a mix of natural forms, heavy with ornamental grasses, was intended to blend with the sparse native landscape that is characteristic of the golf course and the relaxed contemporary architecture of the new clubhouse.

Cuscowilla Club on Lake Oconee
Golf Clubhouse Landscape
Putnam County, Georgia