the commons at kennesaw state university

jB+a worked with Lyman Davidson Dooley Architects at Kennesaw State University on the development of a new, LEED certified, campus dining facility. The Commons Dining Hall With this in mind, jB+a designed a surrounding landscape that would contribute to the certification by minimizing water usage through the use of xeriscape plantings and native vegetation. The hardscape design focused on creating pedestrian connections to existing and proposed adjacent buildings, providing ADA accessibility, and meeting the University design standards to create a cohesive campus design. The facility is best summed up by a quote from the KSU website - "The Commons is not simply a dining hall: It is the nation's largest LEED Gold certified collegiate dining facility; a farm-to-campus endeavor; a collection of global cuisine across nine unique platforms; a meeting and event space utilized by the entire community; and an inviting place for students to gather, socialize, study, and even work part-time. It is truly a venerable heart of the campus."

The Commons at Kennesaw State University
Landscape and Hardscape Design
Kennesaw, Georgia