johns creek walk

Johns Creek Walk is a joint venture between Atlanta Reality and MB Properties. This new mixed-use development is located in the newly incorporated City of Johns Creek. The development was governed by the Johns Creek overlay district and the Fulton County landscape
regulations. A variety of housing options, as well as 11 acres of retail space comprised of small to mid-sized retail shops, are all designed with a craftsmen influence. jB+a worked with MB Properties on the retail component of the project initially providing tree replacement plans for Fulton County Review. jB+a continued through the project to provide detailed landscape design and coordination of the retail center landscaping with the residential components of the project. Also complimenting the site are detailed hardscape elements, a mixture of paving surfaces, tree and shrub planters placed throughout the plazas and outdoor restaurant spaces, and a variety of plantings to provide color, shade, and buffers as the site matures.

Johns Creek Walk
Landscape Architecture Services
North Fulton County, Georgia