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The outdoor spaces reserved for public recreation, relaxation, and education are an essential component to the well-being and enrichment of communities. The jB+a park design studio designs these scarce public lands to support a wide range of community activities within the constraints of sensitive natural resources.

The landscape architects of jB+a’s park design studio create intelligent, workable designs for these outdoor environments. Responding to the character of the land and the essence of the community, our designs make the most of available lands while balancing the design elements against the practical issues of sustainable development.

Our extensive design experience includes a wide range of park projects such as:

sports complexes that provide communities with
places and facilities for active recreation,

the creation of passive conservation parks that
enhance and protect environmentally, culturally
or historically significant lands,

the development of trails and greenways to
provide a recreation feature and to connect areas
of interest throughout a community,

the design of creative urban and town center
parks to provide community gathering spaces.

The jB+a Park Design Studio regularly collaborates with architects, artists, city planners, ecologists, archaeologists, and engineers. We stand ready to lead or integrate our services at any stage of a project.

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